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Sangudo & District Community Development Council

This and other photos by Tim Couiyk

Sangudo is a Hamlet located just off of four lane Highway 43, an easy one hour drive from Edmonton. The town is a picturesque community, rich in recreational, agricultural and sporting activities.

Sangudo also offers affordable housing and a friendly atmosphere; ideal for raising a family or for your retirement. The fiber optic Alberta Supernet brings the world to the door of this idyllic community.

There are excellent camping facilities, a race track, a large modern arena and a baseball diamond located along the river, all within walking distance of the Hamlet.

The surrounding area is a mix of rolling hills, rivers, lakes, heavy forest and agricultural land. The adjoining Pembina River is used for tubing, kayaking and canoeing while the nearby Paddle River Dam offers a good venue for water skiing, wind surfing and fishing.

Sangudo Community School offers K – 9 and the advantages of small town living and smaller classroom sizes.

The settlement was originally know as Deep Creek, but its post office became Sangudo when it opened in 1912. One theory is that it was an acronym created by early settlers:

S Scott and Sutton, early settlers
A Albers, the first postmaster
N Nanton, hometown of Albers’ wife
G Gusal, a pioneer
U United, characterizing the community
D Deep Creek, the orignial name and a nearby feature
O Orangewille, the first school

Another story is as follows:

A quotation from a letter received from Cecil Albers, son of the first Postmaster, reads:

“Several factions wanted different names – no mutual agreement. To get a Post Office, there had to be a name. Dad took suggested names to the Postmaster in Edmonton. To settle argument, he suggested that he take the Post Office Maual, open at any page and Dad was to shut his eyes and point blindly at the page. Do this twice – first time, first syllable (San) second time, second syllable (Gudo). NAME – SANGUDO.